Bollywood - the most productive film industry in the world (Englisch-Referat)

Hindi movie industry, Hollywood in Indien, Bombay (today Mumbai), Kino, Filmindustrie, Filme, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Bollywood - the most productive film industry in the world (Englisch-Referat)
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Bollywood is the most productive film industry in the world. It can be well defined as the face of the Indian national cinema. The Hindi movie industry has made histrory in greater parts of the world. The name Bollywood originates from two different names, namely Bombay (today Mumbai) and Hollywood. When the name was cited, it was those phases that Indian cinema looked up to Hollywood for inspiration, but nowadays Indian cinema seems to bel at par with it’s international counterpart. About 900 movies per annum were published.

In contrast to many Hollywood productions, male actors in the Bollywood cinema also show emotions and let their tears flow shamelessly. That’s why the Indian films are generally more emotional than Hollywood films.

Bollywood started off with motion pictures in 1913. The movie was called ‘Raja Harishchandra’ which was a black and white movie. Today Bollywood holds the Guinness Book of world records for producing the highest number of movies each year.

For this Bollywood actors are the most reknowned people in the industry. These men, starting from likes of Dev Anand and Raj kapoor to those of Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh, all of them have been a few of the most hyped personalities in their era.

Their woman colleagues have never failed to impress the people with their beauty either. The likes of Madhubala and Nargis, to those of Priyanka Chopra and Shraddha Kapoor, they have always glorified the screen with their great presence and beauty.

The Clothes of the female actors are mostly Sari’s. Sari is the national dress for the women of India. A sari is basically a long strip of cloth and the length of the sari varies from four to nine meters. Coming to men’s clothing, we find the unstructured ‘Angrakha’, which was a court outfit in ancient times. It is also a favourite of politicians and the royals.

Now we come to the cast and crew of Bollywood. Bollywood films are usually musicals. Few movies are made without at least one song-and-dance number. Indian audiences expect full value for their money. They want songs and dances, love, comedy and thrills, all mixed up in a three hour movie.

All things considered we could see that Bollywood influenced the Film industry powerfully and enrichted us by coincidence with another culture and much love.

Author: Zeynep Baran