Timberlake, Justin - ein US-amerikanischer Popmusiker (Referat Englisch)

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Justin Randall Timberlake

My favorite singer is Justin Randall Timberlake. He was born on the 31th. of January 1981. in Memphis(Tennessee, USA). His sister Laura Katherine dies after she was born. His mother Lynn Harless was a manager of an girlgroup INNOSENSE. After the divorce of his parents, the father of Justin, Randy Timberlake, married again. Justins stepmothers name is Lisa and his two halfbrothers are calling Jonathan Steven. He began his career in the end of the 80s as an moderator, singer and an actor in the TV-show „Mickey Mouse Club“, where e.g. Christina Agulera and Britney Spears became famous, too. In the year 1994 Justin became a singer and a front man in the boygrop *NSYNC. The name of this band constructed Justins mother by taking the last letters from the names of the boys.

2001 parted the boyband and Justin publish in the year 2002 his first solo-album Justified. His musicstyle is R&B and Hip-Hop. His solocarrer had a good start, because of the cooperation with a very famous producer Timberland. The single „Like I Love You“, „Cry Me A River“, „Rock Your Body“ and „Senorita“ become worldwide hits and brought him among other things 2 Grammys in the category „Best Pop Vocal Album“ and „Best Male Pop Vocal Performance“. Till this day „Justified“ was sells more than 7 million times.

E.g. the song „Cry Me A River“ Justin had written, for his first girlfriend Britney, who was unfaithful to him. In September 2006 Justin publiced his second solo-album „FutureSex/LoveSounds. This plate was on the first position in the USA, Great Britain, Canada and in other 11 country's of the album-charts. But it gets the top 5of the hit lists in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland. The next single „SexyBack“ after it „My Love“ were on the top of the charts, too. The song „What Goes Around...“ was publiced in Feb 2007. These single get the top-ten of the international Charts. He had a role in two film, too. 2004 he plays in the thriller „Edison“ and in the drama „Alpha Dog“. At the moment he is in an very happy relationship with the actress Jessica Biel.

I like Justin Timberlake, because I think he is a good singer and I like his music, too. His music is very varied. Sometimes slow, sometimes very fast. But one thing I think it's very cool. When he was a child a lot of classmates and pupils bulled him, because of his high voice. Now they can look how strong Justin really is.