Education System in Austria

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Education system in Austria

The Austrian education system is more different than in London and in Britten. Here you have go to the kinder garden till you are seven years old. If you are seven you have to go to the elementary school. It lasts 4 years. After this school you have to choose in which school you can go. It also depends on your marks. When you have only A and B you can go into a grammar school, in which you have to go 4 years. The second alternative is the secondary modern school, in which you have to go also 4 years. After that you can visit some other schools for example the grammar school (4 years), business school, commercial school and etc. If you want to study you can also go to the university after you have your A level. In Austria, there are no uniforms at schools.

Now I am going to the grammar school, into the 5th class. I have about eleven subjects. I like Art and Design subject most, because in this subject we do some funny things, like drawing some funny faces or other pictures. I hate most Physics, because I am not so interested in this subject and I thing it’s boring. I don’t do extra activities in my school. I think I haven’t time for it. But if I could I would go to the piano teaching lessons. In british schools they offered some subjects which our school don’t. they are Buiness, Economics and Travel & tourism; Design & Technology; Drama & Theatre Arts; Film; Food & Nutrition; Government & Politics; Media Studies; PSHCE (= Personal, Socisl, Health and Citizenship Education); Psychology; Sociology; Science.

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