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School uniforms, none sense?

In countries like Great Britain, China, Japan and South Korea school uniforms are quiet common. In some schools in the USA students have to wear school uniforms as well.

Many students who have to wear school uniforms actually don’t want to wear them. One out of many reasons is that the students need to be careful and try not to make them dirty. The fact that school uniforms do not look that great, makes the school uniform even less popular. Other students said that school uniforms cost much and that they aren’t comfortable. Although most of the students dislike school uniforms, there are some who like them.

School uniforms make the student feel more equal. If all students in the school have to wear school uniforms you won’t notice if someone’s family is rich or poor. So there will be no one who is being mobbed because he wears cheaper clothes or anything like that. During a class trip it makes it easier for the teacher to find his students if one is left behind or lost. Some students from schools without school uniforms would like to try them for some days because they’d like to know how it is seeing all their classmates in the same clothes. All in all most of the students don’t want to wear school uniforms. There might be some advantages, but all together there are more disadvantages.

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