Character reference: Alanna Howe

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Character reference: Alanna Howe

I first met Alanna during my overseas semester in Australia 2009. I realize this might seem quite short for a deep friendship, nonetheless I have to utter that it just took a second and we became very good friends- for a life time! Whenever I have a problem I cannot talk to anyone in my home country about, I know she is there for me.

Talking about important issues happens of course reverse wise, so it is no surprise that she told me about her great opportunity and undoubtedly I have to declare that she would make a valuable contribution to your summer camp. As she grew up in a large family, she has always been around children and adolescence. Other than dealing with her relatives she has also a unique open minded, warm hearted personality for which to understand you would not even necessarily need to speak the same language.

Additionally to her easy going way of getting acquainted with people she just met, she is also a highly talented guitarist, not to mention her exceptionally gifted singing voice. With distinctive soft music she shows her friendly manners and sensitivity towards others. This would unquestionably be a positive aspect at a youth camp.

For this reasons I am more than confident that my friend Alanna has all the essential qualities needed for this job and she would be a great asset to your summer camp.

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