Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel: The Lord of the Rings

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The Lord of the Rings: Book 1: The Fellowship of the Ring Length: 492 pages The author: John Ronald Reuet Tolkien was born on the 3rd January 1892. He studied literature and English language at the Oxford University. 1972 he was promoted by the queen of England with the title of a Commander of the British Empire. He died on the 2nd September 1973. He devoted nearly his whole life to create and build up an own world in his books, which is so real that it could be ours. The main characters: Frodo Beutlin: He is the nephew of Bilbo Beutlin. In the story it is his mission to throw the master ring into a volcano in Mordor, which is called the Mountain of Fate. He is the main character in the story and has the strongest resistance to the evil powers of the ring. He lives in Hobbingen and is faithful, always happy like every Hobbit-, trustable and mindful of his big duty. Bilbo Beutlin: A hobbit who lives in Hobbingen in the Auenland. He adopded Frodo, when Frodo was a child and got first in contact with the evil ring. His character is sometimes strongly influenced by the dark powers of the ring, and so he sometimes reacts curios. Gandalf the grey wizard: Gandalf is a good friend of Bilbo and Frodo Beutlin. He gives Frodo the order to destroy the ring. He gave himself the mission to fight against the evil powers of Sauron, the Lord of Hell. His name and he as a person is known by everyone on the world, but only some persons know his character, because he is very mysterios and ...

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