Shelly, Mary: Frankenstein

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Table of contents 1. Author 1 Main characters 1 Summary 1 The setting 2 The message the author wants to convey 2 Personal comment 2 1. AUTOR Mary Wollstonecrafts-Shelly lived in the years 1797 to 1851. She was the daughter of William Godwins, who had written Caleb Williams . Mary Wollstonecrafts-Shelly wrote a feminist modification of this book. It is called A Vindication of the Rights of Women . Her mother died at the birth of Mary. Her father got married again and so Mary had another four brothers and sisters. At an age of 16 she met Percy Shelly, who was married. But as his pregnant wife commited suicide they got married. As she was 20 years old her first science fiction novel The Modern Prometheus (also known under the title Frankenstein ) got released. This novel reflects her heavy emotional chaos which fixed her youth. Mary Wollstonecrafts-Shelly died at the age of 53. 2. MAIN CHARACTERS 2.1. Viktor Frankenstein After the death of his mother he became possessed. He wanted to become a master of life and death. 2.2. Elisabeth She was Frankenstein s cousine. Elisabeth grew up with Viktor. Soon they fell in love and got engaged. 2.3. Henry Clerval He was Viktor Frankenstein s best friend at the university of Ingolstadt. Henry helped his friend at his experiments although he was against them. 2.4. Robert Walton He was the captian of a ship with which he and his crew started towards the antarctic. He was the last human that met Viktor Frankenstein. 3. SUMMARY Robert Walton ...

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