Miklowitz,Gloria G.: The war between the classes

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Miklowitz,Gloria G.: The war between the classes
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The war between the classes - Gloria G. Miklowitz This book tells about a Japanese girl who has an relationship with a white boy and an Color game in their class. Emiko Sumoto is a 17 year old middleclass Japanese girl. She has a relationship with a white rich boy called Adam Tarcher. Her father is against this relationship because his afraid of his daughter and doesn t trust the whites. At the beginning of the book Amy, so Emiko is called by her friends and Adam go to the school ball. Amy s father wants her to be home at one a clock right after the ball. On the ball Adam s friend speak stupidly to Amy. Amy doesn t like Adams friends but she doesn t say a word about it. But after the ball Amy and Adam forget the time and Amy comes home after two in the night. Her father is very angry and therefore Amy isn t allowed to see Adam for a week. She calls him and tells it to him But they decide to be together in school every day. After telephoning she and her parents go to visit her brother Hideo. Her father hasn t talked to him over a year because he had married a white woman named Sue. At the dinner Sue tells that she is pregnant. The next week in school they start a Color game in Amys and Adams common class. Her teacher Otero explains them how it works: it lasts for four weeks. There are four colors: The blue the highest, the dark greens, the second highest, the light greens and the oranges which are the worst. They have to pick out there color out of a bag. Then they get a ...

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