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How Compact Discs Work Today CDs are everywhere. They are used to hold music, data or computer software. They have become the standard medium for distributing large quantities of information. CDs are very easy and cheap to produce. Lets look how CDs and CD drives work and at some different forms of CDs. Analogue and digital recording When CDs come out in the early 1980s, their single purpose in life was to hold music. So to understand how a CD works, we need to understand how digital recording and playback work. Thomas Edison created the first device for recording and playing back sounds in 1877. He used a very simple mechanism to store an analogue wave. In Edison s original phonograph a diaphragm 1 controlled a needle and the needle scratched an analogue signal onto a thin foil cylinder. During playback, the vibrations pressed into the tin cause the needle to vibrate, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and play the sound. Modern phonographs work in the same way, but the signals read by the needle are amplified electronically. The problem with the simple approach is that the fidelity is not very good and if a phonograph is plaid repeatedly, eventually it will wear out. In a CD the goal is to create a recording with very high fidelity 2 and perfect reproduction. To accomplish these two goals, digital recording converts the analogue wave into a stream of numbers and records the numbers instead of the wave. The conversion is done by a device called an analogue-to-digital ...

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