Johnson, Pete: The cool Boffin

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BOOKREPORT BY SOPHIE HEITZENEDER, JANUARY 99 CONTENTS: 1. SUMMARY 2. MAIN CHARACTERS 3. PERSONAL OPINION BOOK REPORT: THE COOL BOFFIN WRITTEN BY PETE JOHNSON Summary Richard Hodgson has been a boffin for the first fifteen years in his life which means to try to be a good boy always and everywhere and to suppose that school is the only meaning of life. So he has only a few friends and is rather unpopular. Then one day as Richard waits at the bus-stop he decides suddenly not to go to school and stumbles towards the common. He thinks about all the humiliation he has to take at school and dreams about a life, in which he is cool and accepted by everyone. When the skive is over, he finally goes to school. There he has told that his bus has had a terrible accident. When they see that the Boffin`s all right he has to tell each detail to his mates Steve, Danny, Tim, Anna and Ashley. Of course he doesn`t mention that he has been skiving, but instead he makes up horror stories and enjoys his sudden popularity. For Richard is this bus accident a sign to change his boffin-life: he decides to cut his hair, wear new clothes - and go to Ashley`s party on Friday. Next day he buys clothes in a posh shop, but doesn`t notice that he has bought a faked T-shirt. Richard hides his new stuff in his locker in school. Just at that moment Tim Grant throws a water bomb on him. Richard gets angry and according to his new image he shouts at Tim and throws the bomb back on Tim. But Richard knows that ...

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