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A Street with No Name Last summer, I wrote about some of the pleasures and peculiarities about living in the country. What I hadn`t come to appreciate at the time was the frustration that would come from living on a street that has no name. At first, the idea of having a nameless street seemed rather nice. In this day and age where it seems even the most personal information about yourself somehow ends up in the hands of marketers and government agencies, the thought of not having a street to be identified with gave me a certain sense of anonymity that I found comforting. However, as time goes by, I keep finding out that not having a street name causes far more headaches than having a street name does. The problem first cropped up when I attempted to get the electric service connected. It`s not all that easy telling someone to turn on the electricity to your house when you can`t tell them where your house is. The solution turned out to be matching the name of the previous occupants with the house. I don`t know how the previous tenant ever described where they lived to the electric company in the first place, but I don`t really care - at least I have electricity. After that incident with the electric company, I tried in earnest to discover if the road did, indeed, have a name. What I discovered was that yes, the street did have a name. Unfortunately, this name was different depending on who you talked to. Some said it was the Kimball Hill Road, named after the original ...

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