Education in the United States

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Education in the United States Has been an important Factor in the economic development of the United States and in the achievement of a high standard of living for most Americans . Schools, libraries and museums provide learning opportunities for people of all ages . Development of School-System During the early history of the United States most schools were privately owned. Church groups owned and operates many of them . In the early 1800`s the idea of free public schools began to gain widespread support in the country . State and local governments took the responsibility for establishing public school systems . By 1918, every state had laws requiring children to attend school until they reached a certain age or completed a certain grade . Structure of the Educational System About 90 of American schools, elementary and high schools and about half of its institutions of higher learning, are free and public. Most of them are co-educational. The rest are fee-charging private schools, mostly Roman Catholic parochial schools. Private schools are mostly single-sex schools. American education comprises three levels: elementary education, there are about 79000 Schools in the USA secondary education, there are about 29000 High Schools higher education, there are about 3000 colleges, universities, and community or junior colleges in the country . Schooling is compulsory from the ages of 5 to 16. There are several structural patterns in use, depending on the location: 6-3-3 plan: ...

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