Chesterton, Gilbert Keith: The Flying Inn

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Bookreport about The Flying Inn (published in the year 1914) Gilbert Keith Chesterton, English journalist and author, was born in Kensington on May 29 in the year 1874. He was educated at St. Paul´s school, where, at an unusually early age, he gained the Milton prize for English verse. He left school in 1891 with the idea of studying art. But though he early developed, and indeed retained, a talent for draftsmanship of a very distinctive kind, his natural bent was literary, and he went through the usual apprenticeship of free-lance journalism, occasional reviewing and work in a publisher´s office. In 1901 he married France Blogg. In 1900, after having produced a volume of poems, The Wild Knight, which led good critics to expect great things of him as a poet, he became a regular contributor of signed articles to The Speaker and the Daily News. Between 1901 and 1929 he produced a quantity of works like The Man Who Was Thursday (1908) or The Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904). During the same period Chesterton wrote a lot of verse, some good, some bad - none of it indifferent. At its best it is very good indeed. A well-known English critic once observed of his light verse that, whereas there had been many in all ages who could write comic verse, Chesterton was one of the very few who could write comic poetry. The compliment was deserved. His more serious verse has been held to give him rank as the last of a great rhetorical poets. Like all rhetorical poets he is sometimes ...

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