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Some people dont believe in computer viruses. But they are a serious problem in our computer world . The first documented virus attack was in 1987 at the university of Delaware. The growth of the number of viruses is about 227 per year. I ll give you a short introduction into the world of cyberspace crime an I ll try to help you to prevent virus infection. 1.What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a program which is often hidden in executable files like pictures or word-documents. It is able to clone itself so it can infect the PC s data with copies of itself. Viruses are programmed by Hackers and they are created just for destruction. 2.How does a virus spread? A virus spread to a new system by an interconnection. An interconnection is an connection of computers. This can be a network in a company, a connection with modens like the internet or just a floppy disk. Remember: Every contact between your PC and any other system is an opportunity for an infection. There are different types of viruses. The following viruses are the most popular. Boot sector viruses Three out of four virus infections are boot sector viruses. It is hard to detect this kind of virus because the boot sector, which the virus infects is the thing that loads when you start your computer. Polymorphic viruses They consist of an algorithmic system. They change their appearance with each infection. So it is very hard for the virus program to detect them. They can change their appearance about 2 ...

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