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The tenses of the full verbs Tense Form Examples Use Simple present -form of the infinitive I often sing when I m happy. -3rd person: add an -s My brother regularly plays tennis. -negative statements and We don t always watch TV. questions are formed Does he sometimes help his mother? with do does -when something happens regularly, often, always or never -when we talk about something permanent -when we talk about texts, films or plays Present progressive -am is are -ing form Markus is sleeping (at the moment, now, this afternoon...). -when an action or event is just now in progress and is not yet complete Present perfect -have has past participle I ve cut my finger. It hurts. Diana has been in Australia since May for three months. -when we want to say that something has happened -when we want to say how long a state has already lasted Present perfect progressive -have has been -ing form I ve been watching the film for an hour. -when an action or event began in the past and continued (almost) up to the present Simple past -regular verbs: infinitive -ed Tina passed her driving test in 1995. -irregular verbs have their I bought the new car last year. own form. -negative statements and He didn t play tennis yesterday. questions are formed Did you watch TV last weekend? with did -when we want to say when something happened -when we talk about things in the past or tell a story Past progressive -was were -ing form When I came home he was doing his homework. -when an action or ...

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