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Aborigines The word Aborigine is a Latin word, which is combined of ab and origine . Ab means from and origine means the beginning. So it means from the beginning. Scientists have found out that Aborigines were in Australia 60.000 years ago. They comed over the land bridge of Newguinea to Australia. The Aborigines were always fascinied of her land. The land gaves the native inhabitants all they need to survive, so they had to obtain her food the completly day. The men hunted and the women collected fruits and plants which they used for eating, as tools or for clothes. Over 200 years ago the Aborigines were unknown for the European and the Australian continent was undiscovered. Up to this time the native people could build up a complex culture. They live free and easy. But after the discovery of Australia threatened the end of the aborigines. With the destruction of many clans the aborigines lost a lot of culture, and also identity and the desire to live. Today the Aborigines are still a minority in the own land. The nomadism lived in simply huts. On huntings were used boomerangs. But the boomerangs wasn t used only for hunting, but also for sport. The aborigines, that means all clans and tribes. Some clans are for example Yolngu, Murri, Koori, Nanga, Nyungar and Wonghi. Often the different groups have meetings. On such a meeting they do traditionel ceremonies. They give the tradition to the sons and daughters. They dance, sing and make a lot of music. This ceremonies were ...

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