Morrison, Jim

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Jim Morrison A cemetery in Paris, have a big problem, celebrity graves. Cause of the lot of fans who visit the grave of these celebrities, they have big problems to keep the grave stones clean from litter, graffiti and unorthodoxe tributes. The grave of Jim Morrison is particularly endangered of these vandalism. Jim Morrison passed out in his bath, and also into a legend in Paris July 1971. Mr. Charlet, who is responsible for the cemetery and 70.000 tombs, said Wed like to kick him out, because we dont want him, he caused to many problems. But they cannot do it, cause Jimm Morrisons tomb is on a perpetual lease. Pére Lachaise has had to hire a security guard to watch over the grave of Jim Morrison. The most-visited, and also vandalised grave after Morrisons is that of Oscar Wilde. Near the grave of Wilde is a plaque what says Respectin the memory of Oscar Wilde and do not deface this tomb but the vandalism continuous: a tradition has arisen on planting purple lipstick kisses on Wildes tombstone. And this is a big problem, because all other vandalism like graffiti with a marker-pen, or scratched messages can be removed. But the lipstick contains fats which sink into the stone and cannot be removed. My opinion to this is that the cemetery should not throw Jim Morrison out of his grave. I can understand that they have a lot of problems with him but I think it where not right. Facts: Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971) was a singer, songwriter and poet. Born in ...

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