Trends and effeckts of online-shopping

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Trends and effects of online-shopping. English Homework 22.11.04 E-Commerce is one of the most growing economic sector at all. 39 percent of all internet users used the opportunity to buy a product over the Internet. In 1995 this number was only at 12 . For retailer business, this development is deadly. Over the Internet, users can buy nearly everything, from cars, PC s, CD s up to the Pizza for the Lunch. If you want to buy something over the Internet, you just have to visit an online-shop and a few clicks further and about 3 days later the package comes strictly to your house. A big advantage is, that you have got the possibility to choose from many products from all over the world. There are no problems like sorry, we don t hold your size or long waiting queues. Often, you can read experience reports about a certain procuct, sometimes it is perhaps better to have the opinion of a consumer instead of the predicate of a reseller. Also for handicapped-persons who don t have the possibility to leave their houses, this development is fantastic. Shipping costs are a problem for many people, but if you compare your gas costs and parking taxes in the city you ll find no big differences. Additionally, if you buy a few things in the same shop you often don t have to pay shipping costs. Today, the payment isn t a big problem any more. You can choose from different ways of payment like money transfer, cash on delivery or via credit card. If you don t handle reckless with your data, ...

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