Georg Orwell, Animal Farm

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NAME: BOOKREPORT TITLE: Animal Farm AUTHOR: George Orwell GENRE: Novel (political allegory) TIME: 1940 s PLACE: England CHARACTERS: Napoleon: a pig which is not a good speaker, but he is cruel, brutal, selfish and devious; he uses dogs and Squealer to control the animals Snowball: a young, smart pig; he is driven away into exile by Napoleon s dogs, because he really wants to make life better for all Squealer: a fat pig which convinces animals to believe and follow Napoleon Boxer: a strong and hard working horse is betrayed by Napoleon, gives everything; Napoleon finally sells him Old Mayor: the pig which invents the thought of a Rebellion, he dies before the revolution The dogs: a private army that use fear to force animals to work, intimidate any opponent of the leader Napoleon PLOT: Mr. Jones, the cruel owner of the Manor Farm, later called Animal Farm , oppresses the animals on the farm. The pig Old Major calls out for a Rebellion to throw Mr. Jones out of the farm, but Major dies soon afterwards. After Jones is expelled, the farm belongs to the animals. The pigs Napoleon and Snowball become the new leaders and display the Seven Commandments of Animalism. After Napoleon has got rid of Snowball with the help of his dogs, he shows his power. He manipulates the commandments for a better life for the pigs. And Squealer persuades the animals, like Boxer, to work harder. At the end life is worse than before the revolution. There is a cruel dictatorship on the farm and the pigs ...

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