Willy Russel

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Willy Russell Willy Russell was born in 1947 at Whiston near Liverpool His dad worked in a factory (later bought a chip shop), his mother worked in a warehouse With 5 years moving to Knowsley He wasn t really interested in school (loved watching television) With 11 years he went to secondary school in Huyton. There was very much violence, so... ...after one year he went to a countryside school in Rainford, where violence was also normal, but there the thugs had manners to ask if he wanted to get hurt Comparing to Huyton it was a paradise for him In the school there was a lesson called silent reading . During this lesson it was everytime a paradise for him just sitting there, seeing the sun falling through the window upon his face. He felt total peace and security and there his aim was born: He wanted to become a writer This feeling was wonderful and also terrible for him: It was a wonderful and terrible thought wonderful, because I sensed, I knew, it was the only thing for me. Terrible because how could I, a kid from the D -stream, a piece of factory fodder, ever change the course that my life was already set upon? How the hell could I ever be the sort of person who could become a writer? (Willy Russell) One day he had to do an exam to become a printer. His Dad wanted him to do this exam, he didn t really want to. He failed and the discussions at home about his life and his job were resolved with the suggestion by his mother. He should become a ladies hairdresser (à ...

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