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Late Medieval Welsh uprising 1400 - 1416 Owain Glyn Dwr began a major revolt against English dominance in September 1399. Descended from the Princes of Powys (but a former servant of Richard II) his revolt was closely connected to Henry IVs difficulties in establishing a regime. Glyn Dwr co-operated with the English opposition to Henry IV (particularly the great lords of the Welsh march, the Mortimers, who had a claim to be Richard IIs heirs). He mobilised Welsh national sentiment and anti-English feeling and was proclaimed Prince of Wales in September 1400. Backed by French military aide, Glyn Dwr took Carmarthen and Cardiff in 1403 and Harlech and Aberystwyth in 1404. With the Papacy in schism, Glyn Dwr was also able to secure Papal sanction from Avignon to separate the Welsh church from its English counterpart. In 1404, Glyn Dwr presided over the first Welsh Parliament but, as Henry IV eliminated English opposition, so superior resources and weaponry were turned on the Welsh under the leadership of the kings son (the future Henry V). By 1409, the revolt was broken. Glyn Dwr lost the towns and castles he had taken and turned to guerrilla warfare until his obscure death in 1416. Opposition to Henry IV 1403 - 1413 The Percies, a great northern family, had supported Henry in 1399, but had not expected Richard to be deposed and murdered. They rebelled in 1403, but Henry Hotspur Percy - acting prematurely and with inadequate support - was defeated and killed by the king at ...

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