Genetic Engineering

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GENETIC ENGINEERING Recombinant DNA technology is generally recognised as a very powerful research tool. In the early 1970´s when the technology was being developed, some scientists became concerned that it might be possible to create hazardous micro organism using recombinant DNA techniques. So molecular biologists from all over the world met to discuss this problem. The outcome of this meeting was that the scientists decided to continue recombinant DNA research using precautions to prevent any possible hazards. This was more than 30 years ago and now we have come so far that we will be able to clone human beings don t forget that we ve already cloned an animal The sheep DOLLY was the first successful try to clone an animal. I think it is frightening how far we ve come till now. Our possibilities have increased. Today we are able to make gene therapies before a human being is even born. We are able to clone living beings - animals as well as humans. We have the possibility to alter the germ line (that means that we are able to change the genome in eggs or sperm) of a human being, but we don t know what will happen. We have the ability, but do we have the right to do this too? ? ? A few consumer organisations are frightened about the risks of food, whose genetic code has changed. Because you can change the rest of the genetic material only with chemical substances. So it is possible, that we eat some of this substances. One risk of genetic engineering is still true. All ...

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