Burnett, Frances, Hodgson: Little Lord Fauntleroy

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Burnett, Frances, Hodgson: Little Lord Fauntleroy
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Little Lord Faunterlory When Cedric Errol, a handsome young boy, is born in New York, nobody knows that he is an earl. His father died, when he was young, so he only knows his mother. She is a beautiful and kind woman. They live together in a small cottage with their chambermaid Mary. Cedric has some friends, Mr. Hobbs, who owns a small shop round the corner, Dick the shoeshine boy and the applewoman. Cedric loves to sit close to Mr. Hobbs and to talk. When Cedric is seven years old, a lawyer comes from England to tell Cedric that he is the earl of Dorincourt´s grandson. His fathers older brothers died and so Cedric is the only heir. From now on he is called Little Lord Fauntleroy. The lawyer, Mr. Havichment takes him and his mother to England. The earl, who is always in a bad mood and loves to make other people unhappy, hate America and its inhabitants, so the mother isn t allowed to live with Cedric in the castle of Dorincourt. When the earl sees Cedric for the first time he cant believe his eyes. He expected to see an ordinary boy without manners and a horrible pronunciation, but Cedric isn t so at all. With his friendly direct way he makes everyone like him. Even the earl is fascinated by this boy. They spend a lot of time together and become good friends. Also the plebes likes him, because since Little Lord Faunterlory stayed there, the earl is more friendly with them. One day a woman comes and claims that to be married with an older son of the earl and that her son is ...

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