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1869 (Young Gandhi): Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) born on 2nd October 1869. Normal family (not very rich, neither poor). Mother of Ghandi very religious Hindu. Gandhi not very good in school didn t like it. Gandhi married at age of 13, bride Kasturbai (chosen by parents) When Gandhi was 16 years old father died wife 1st child, which died as well. Gandhi was sent to London to study law. After 3 years Gandhi returned from London, qualified as barrister. Gandhi asked to go to South Africa S.A. very poor country, slavery, underfed people. Gandhi noticed the colour prejudice. Gandhi thrown out of a train due to racism. 1869-1917 (The founding of the Indian National Congress and a brief outline of its activities 1917) British Raj in India ? intellectuals saw that India needed various reforms. Indian National Congress (founded 1885). By 1887 Congress had 600 delegates (83 Muslims among). In 1905 Congress became suddenly more revolutionary politically minded (? partition of Bengal) India-wide protest meetings were organized boycott of foreign goods (Lancashire cotton). 1906, Congress asks first time for Home-rule (swaraj). In England new liberal government which began to introduce reforms which could lead to swaraj. 1909, Morley-Minto reform of India Councils Act (Indians can be elected into provincial local Legislative Council in appreciable numbers). Ending of partition of Bengal in 1911. WWI, 1914 many Indians voluntary to fight. 1916 ? 1m Indian troops fighting on ...

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