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ESKIMOS General information: Eskimo is an American Indian word which means eaters of raw meat . People we call Eskimos originally came from Asia across a land bridge into Alaska. They spread across the Arctic regions and now they live in five countries: the Soviet Union, Alaska, Kanada, Greenland, Far North. Eskimos do not use the word Eskimo when they speak of themselves. Instead they use a term that simply means people . In Canada that word is Inuit , while in Alaska Eskimos refer to themselves as Yupik . Eskimos live in some of the world´s coldest areas. They live in the tundra, which means that there is nothing but flat, treeless, frozen ground. Surviving is a struggle, a constant battle with the elements. Traditional Eskimo subsistence patterns are closely geared to the annual cycle of changing seasons. It depends on the season whether they hunt caribou herds, seals, birds, polar bears, foxes or hares. But above all the cold waters of the Arctic provide Eskimos with a great deal of their food (salmon, whales...) Nearly all parts of animals that Eskimos kill are used. Eskimo clothing is made from skins of birds and other animals. Of course, these clothes have to be well adapted to cold and wet climatic conditions. Skins are also processed into tents and boats and bones are used for weapons. Everyone wears the same combination: a hooded jacket, trousers or leggings, boots and mittens. Generally there are two kinds of means of transport: boats and dogsleds. The umiak is a ...

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