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What is Alice´s diary marked on? Alice is just an ordinary fifteen-year-old, white, middle-class teenager. She still goes to school, she isn´t very body-conscious (like most of the other adolescents of her age) and she has already pictured her future. In short: The protagonist of the true story is not a lot different from all the other teenagers. But on July 9 Alice is turned to acid. Sometimes she worries about her dependence, but taking drugs makes her life more bearable, easy and uncomplicated. It helps her escape from daily routine and problems, and to cope with growing and becoming an adult. Her parents notice that their daughter´s behaviour has changed, but they just put it down to her puberty period linked with bad company. Alice comes from a good family, so her Mum and her Dad don´t even have the idea for their child being a drug addict. And for this reason they can´t help her to get out of the vicious circle. Her cries for aid only reach her diary. It is the sole one she trusts in, offers her secrets and opens her soul to. So this book is a personal, precise biography that provides insights into the world we live in and how an adolescent deals with it. It is no statement on teenage drug art and it doesn´t offer any solutions. So to say it´s a story written by life. The title is a kind of invitation -Like: If you don´t believe me go and ask Alice On the dark cover there is a young girl hiding her face. I think she´s ashamed. There is a recommendation of the Guardian ...

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