Magic the Gathering (03) Schattered Chains

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Magic the gathering (03) Shattered chains mana: Every thing contains mana. Mana is a mystical energy wizards can tap ( manipulate or use). to shift: to teleport, a kind of conjuring; wizards: Wizards have the ability to conjure things from one place to another. When wizards can touch things they can tag them. Wizards can summon things they tagged someday. the helmet, the brain: Ancient and powerful artifact. Created by some wizards in Lat-Nam. Can tag wizards and make them obedient. Characters: Gull, the Woodcutter: His and his sister Greensleeves village was destroyed during an wizardly duel. Gull had nothing but grief from wizards. That s why he hates magic and fights against it. Gull used to be in love with Lily but they seperated. He is clumsy, quite stupid but nice and understanding. Greensleeves: Has been a simpleton because the magic of the Wispering Woods, her home, overpowered her mind. When she and her brother left the woods the first time she began to think clearly. Her greatest fear is to lose her mind someday again. She is an natural and unschooled wizard. Lily, the White: She is an unschooled wizard too. Lily has been a prostitute. Not very self-confident. She feels abused,unloved and not worth to be loved. Chaney: Teacher of Greensleeves. An old archdruid that manipulates mana to keep herself alive as long as Greensleeves needs her. Norreen: Former warrior, wife of Garth, Benalish hero. Her real name is Rakel. Garth: Husband of Norreen, one of the most ...

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