Aluminium in modern life

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Aluminium in modern life (englisch 183 Words lecture english for chemists) Aluminium can be expected a real need for modern industrial products like magnisium. With a minimum of weight and much stability it can be used for vehicle Industry as same as it used in household technology, for example knifes and spoons. Argillaceous earth is much important for ceramics and pottery. Aluminium is a good catalizer for Friedel-Crafts-reaction for organic syntheses. Li ALH4 is a reducer in organic chemistry. One of the proberties is stability on oxygen so it is used for eloxation of metalls. Al is in pure form a soft metall it is malleable. It is a very active metal and as a consequenze has many chemical and metallurgical uses In nature aluminium can be found as Al2O3 in argillaceous earth, and kryolith Na3 AlF6 it must run through an eletrolization process to get aluminium. Pure aluminium is a silvery-white metal it is best Known for ist lightness. Same chemical properties is the melting point of Al 660 C and the boiling point 2467 C . Al is one of the third most plentyful elements on the earth. words: 180 1 ...

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