Williams, Tennessee: The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Author Thomas Lanier Williams was born in 1911 to an ill matched couple, a travelling shoe salesman who liked poker and drinking and a rector s daughter. Young Thomas spent a happy childhood at his grandfather s rectory thanks to the fact that his father was frequently absent. At school he was teased because of his southern accent. His mother, who hated her husband was of little help to him. His elder sister Rose became his only refuge. He began to write stories as early as 1922 and won his first prize for an essay in 1927. He died in 1983. T. Williams was the greatest playwright in U. S. dramatic history, he wrote plays, for example Battle of Angels , The Gentleman Caller and The Glass Menagerie . Plot The story is about the family Wingfield. Amanda, the mother of Tom and Laura is a lonely woman. Her husband left the family a long time ago because he fell in love with long distance. She is controlling Laura because a childhood illness has left her crippled, and she is very fragile. Not she herself, but her life is paranoiac. Certainly she has endurance and a kind of heroism. They are both independent, that means that they need each other, though it is an unhealthy relationship. Laura is dependent, she is shy and lives in a world of her own. She dreams all the time, so Tom thinks about his sister and he tries to explain it to his mother. In general the play is about the idea of Amanda to find a gentleman caller for Laura. Laura does ...

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