The Phantom of the Opera

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Christina Komnacky Schule: BG XIX, Gymnasiumstraße Klasse: 3. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA THE PERSONS: Raoul:The brother of Philippe Christine: A singer Philippe: Raoul´s Brother Christine´s father The persian: He tells the 2nd part of the story Erik: Nobody knows him The Manager of the Opera House Charlotta: A singer Madame Richard: An old woman THE STORY: Once apon a time, it was in 1880 two people were sitting by the sea. It was at the coast of Brittany. They were a young girl and an old man. The girl was singing and the manwas playing the violin. The young girl was called Christine and the man was her father. They traveled all the countries of Europe. Christine had a wonderful voice. On this evening Christine was singing a sad song about the sea and and about the love. A man and a young boy were walking on the beach.They stopped near Christine and her father and listened to the music. The boy was called Raoul and the man called Philippe and was his big brother. Raoul was 11 and Philippe much older than Raoul. The two brothers stood there listening to the music. Raoul asked, Will you sing a song for me? And then Christine sang a son for him.Then they talked. Christine´s father said when he will be dead that he would send her the best singing teacher of the world. Then they heard some music.It was very beutiful and Christine said,´´Is that the angle of music?´´ The opera in Paris is a huge building. There are hundreds of rooms.There are many coridors. And there are many ...

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