Cooper, Clarence: The Farm

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THE FARM by Clarence Cooper Jr. First of all I´d like to tell you something about the author: Clarence Levis Cooper Jr. was born in Detroit in 1934. He got married soon and fell in drug addiction, and because of that he had to go to prison for two years, where he wrote for and edited the black daily newspaper Chicago Messenger. In this, time it was in the year 1960, he also published his first two novels. All of his books are placed in the drug-scene. The critics wrote about his books that they are as realistic, as just someone who has lived through the horror can write them. And Cooper´s horror-life went on, he was arrested again for two years. And he wrote three other novels. After his release he fell in adiction again. He met John A. Williams, and in 1967 he wrote his last and most personal book The Farm, where John is the hero. His final years were spent in Manhatten, where he died ravaged (verwüstet) and penniless in the late sixties. Now let´s move to the content of the book: It tells the story of an drug addict, named John. He has been addicted for 15 years. The book is writen from John´s point of view. He is a black man and now he is in a rehabilitation centre as a prisoner. Two or three years ago he was on harroin and he was filled with hate and capable (fähig) to use violent, because of using drugs. But now he has changed and found his peace. 2 years ago he came to a rehabilitation centre for the first time, itwas called The narcotic farm. There were two different ...

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