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English Presentation Jazz Jazz The main points of my presentation about Jazz are: - how Jazz music developed the different styles of Jazz two great Jazz musician Let s turn to the first point: How Jazz music developed Jazz appeared in the USA about 1900 the first time. It developed from the living together between the black (Afro Americans) and the white people. The Afro Americans were brought to the USA as slaves by European immigrants and were influenced by them in many ways, also in music. So the European and African music culture met together and Jazz developed out of the musical feeling of the Afro Americans. That is the reason why Jazz consist of rhythm, which has been taken from the African music culture, melody, harmony and form, which have been taken from the European music culture. These three parts cannot be split up in Jazz. Under these circumstances the worksongs the Afro Americans sang at their work on the plantations, the spirituals they sang at their services and the old blues folk songs had an impact on the development of all Jazz styles. The different Jazz styles Jazz developed itself with the different styles and if one of these styles is left out the whole building of this art will be destroyed. The Jazz styles always correspond with the time in which they developed that means that every style caught the situation and the behaviour of its beginning time. So there has always been a connection between the music and the time. 1900s New Orleans Many people ...

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