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Fisherman s Wharf is one of the world s most universally treasured cities is San Francisco; renowned for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and the variety of enjoyable experiences that are available within its 49 square miles of urban paradise. Fisherman s Wharf, the most visited attractionwithin San Francisco, provides a unique setting spotlighting the beauty of the Bay Area. From frolicking sea lions at Pier 39, to the panoramic views of Alcatraz and The Golden Gate, Fisherman s Wharf is an up-close study of the natural beauty of San Francisco. The History: Fisherman from Genua and Sicily first arrived in the Fisherman s wharf area in the late 19th century, and there they founded the San Francisco fishing industry. The district has slowly given way to tourism since the 1950s. Dungeness Crab Fisherman s Wharf, which has been the home of San Francisco s colorful fishing fleet for nearly a century and a quarter, is world famous for its wide variety of ocean fish. Much of this fame is due to the annual harvest of that most delectable of all crustaceans, the Dungeness crab of San Francisco. Traditionally, the opening of the crab season is preceded with a religious procession and a priestly blessing of the fleet. The boat decks are piled high with crab traps. The first days harvest is anxiously awaited as an indication of what the season will bring the crabbers as a reward for their work. Sights: The Cannery is one of San Franciscos most treasured places. Located near ...

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