The Canterville Ghost

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THE CANTERVILLE GHOST - PLAY Washington and Verginia visit Canterville Chase with their parents. The Otis family is from the USA. Lord Canterville offers guided Tours of the Haunted Apartments, because it is hard to keep the castle going. The children want to know everything about the history of the castle and the secret room. Mrs. Otis wants to unpack and make them comfortable in the old-fashioned rooms. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1) Where is the scene set? The scene is set in the interior of Canterville Chase (Castle). 2) How is Lord Canterville dressed? Lord Canterville is very formally dressed. 3) What nationality are the Otis family? The Otis family comes from the U.S.A, they are Americans. 4) Why did Lord Canterville s grandfather have to hide? 5) Is Lord Canterville still a rich man? Lord Canterville isn t a rich man any more, because it is very expensive to keep up a castle. 6) What does he do to make some extra money? He offers guided tours of the haunted apartments and cream teas in the garden for the tourists. He is renting a part of the castle to the Otis family. 7) Why does he no longer live in the castle? He does not live in the castle, because the castle is uncomfortable and all the servants are gone. 8) What is Virginia s hobby? Virginia s hobby is painting. 9) What do the Ghost and the family doctor have in common? (ACHTUNG ) They always appear before someone in the family dies. 10) What has Washington found under the chair? Washington found a bloodstain under a ...

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