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General: Las Vegas, the capital the US State of the Hoover dam and the Lake Mead recreation area are situated. A historical museum documents history Nevadas of 12000 v. chr. Until approximately 1950, and a natural history museum shows over Nevada, is the commercial centre of the surrounded desert region. Famous it particularly is as tourist and entertainment centre with luxury hotels and play casinos. The city is seat of higher educational facilities and a Air Force base. In their environment animal and plant world and dinosaurs. The name of the city, which from the Spanish comes and the meadows meant, refers to the grass country along of pours fed desert rivers, which Spanish discoverers in the area found. This area was the homeland of the Paiute Indians. In the nineties an enormous boom of construction activity began, in whose consequence one lined new casinos, vacation hotels up and houses developed. Read Vegas is the fastest increasing metropolis of the United States. From 1990 to 1992 the population increased by 13,9 . Las Vegas is into increasing mass point of attraction for the inhabitants of the Pacific coast, which leave California, in order to establish itself here. They make approximately 60 of the newcomers of selected Vegas and contribute substantially to the development of most different industry activities in the city. To it among other things the building industry and landscape architecture belong. Industry: Las Vegas calls yourselves as world capital of the ...

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