Unidentified Flying Objects

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Unidentified Flying Objects Nobody knows, what are UFOs really, and there is only a few of peoples, who have see one. The most of them say, it looked like a plate, sometimes they say, there were some bright lights. In the year 1967, whole England was take of the UFO-fever. In this Year there were 360 appearances registered, normal there are about 180 appearances. I will tell you about a story in Dartmoor, its in the south-west of England: A man stopped his car because he was tired and wanted to sleep. Then, at about 4 a.m. he woke up, because someone was knocking on the window. A bright light was shining on his face, through the glass he could see a policemen. As he opened the door, the policemen asked him: excuse me, sir, can you help us? What s that? he pointed with his finger into the darkness, there were six bright lights. When we move, they move. When we go fast, they go fast. While he was talking, the Lights disappeared into the night. The next day, the newspaper were full of the story. POLICEMEN SEE UFO. MYSTERY LIGHTS OVER DARTMOOR. POLICE CHASE UFO FOR 14 MILES. During the next few days, more and more people said that they saw the lights. The first comment of the Royal Observatory was that the lights were the Planet Venus. Other astronomers didn t agree. They said, because the sky was cloudy, that couldn t be a planet. Finally, the Royal Observatory agreed that it must been something which wasn t a planet or a star. Many people say they have see an UFO, mostly they ...

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