Elements of Cutting Machines

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English preparation PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE Hoffer Gusztáv 5hba 1997 Topic: BASIC MACHINE-TOOL ELEMENTS OF CUTTING MACHINES INCLUDING LATHE, BORING MACHINE, SHAPER, PLANER, MILLING MACHINE BASIC STRUCTURES, FRAMES, ELEMENTS, DRIVES, HOLDING AND HANDLING WORKPIECE, CONTROL 1 BASIC MACHINE TOOL ELEMENTS (FIGURE 6 S. 429 ) Most machine tools are built by using two or more components. These components, although they may have different functions in such machines as a lathe, miller or drill press, have some common characteristics. 1.1 Structures and Frames Stability of the machine structure is required to prevent chatter. We differ three large elements of machine tools: The structure they have, the material they are of and the methods by which they are controlled with. Castings, forgings, and hot or cold-formed shapes usually require machining. The variety of size, shapes and materials calls for diverstiy in machining. Machine tools differ not only in the number of cutting edges they employ, but also in the way the tool and workpiece are moved in relation to each other. In some machines (shapers, drill presses, milling machines and grinders) the workpiece remains virtually motionless and the tool moves. In others (planers, lathes and boring mills) the tool is virtually fixed and the workpiece moves. But it should be pointed out that sheldon are these simple principles applied without modification. The single-point tool-shaping machines are the easiest to visualize. The lathe and the ...

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