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ENGINES a speech from Thomas Braunsdorfer Inhaltsverzeichnis THE STEAM ENGINE The knowledge that steam could produce energy is about 2000 years old. An Egyptian engineer called Hero made a machine called aeolipile in which steam drove round a metal sphere. The aeoliopile was a toy with no practical use, but it showed that steam could be a source of energy. The modern history of steam power began with a French scientist, Denis Papin (1647-1712). He invented the pressure cooker and a simple steam pump to provide the power of fountains. In 1690 Papin had the idea of building an engine in which steam would raise a piston inside a cylinder, creating a vacuum as it rose. This was the principle of later steam engines, but Papin never managed to make an engine that worked. The miner s friend The first successful steam engine arose out of the urgent need to pump water out of flooded mine shafts. In 1698, an English engineer, Thomas Savery (c.1650-1715), invented a steam pump. He called it the `Miner`s Friend`. It had a cylinder which was filled with steam from a boiler. When the cylinder was cooled by pouring cold water on the outside, a partial vacuum was created. The vacuum drew water into the cylinder from the mine shaft. The Miner`s Friend would pump water up only about six metres. If the water was any deeper, the engine became unsafe and sometimes even blew up. This engine used a huge amount of coal to raise steam. Opposition to steam To people who had been used to the quiet ...

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