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SOME NOTES ABOUT ENGLAND English is today the most widely used of all languages . It is talked in places thousands of miles away from Britain.Some of you will go some day for business reasons or simply for pleasure.What sort of picture will you have in your mind of this country which you have not seen till today.You may have a half true picture:you may have no picture at all. The English weather: If you come from a country where the weather does the same thing at the same time every year. TheEnglish weather will give you some surprises.The worst thing about the English weather is its way of changing suddenly.When you go out in the morning it may be warm and bright and there may not be a cloud in the sky,but by sundown it may have become cold and wet.ln England you see the sun only a third of the time it is in the sky.All the rest of the time its face is covered by mist or clouds. The English cooking: Cooking is not the strong point of the English people, so if you are a lover of good food,you will not have a high opinion of the English meals.The reason for the awful taste is that they cook generally in an uninteresting way and they often cover their food with a thick brown dressing or a disgusting sticky white paste,which takes away its delicate taste. The English pub: The average pub is divided into a Public Bar,where people drink their beer standing at the bar or sitting on rough wooden benches,and a Saloon Bar,where the furniture is more comfortable,people are better ...

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