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W E B About the author: John WYNDHAM was born in England in the year 1903 and died in the year 1969. He did a variety of jobs from farming to advertising, before he wrote his first novel. His most famous books are The Day of the Triffids, The Kraken Wakes and The Midwych Cuckoos. WEB was his last novel and did first appear ten years after his death. About the book: WEB is an adventure story that begins in England and ends on the island Tanakuatua in South-Pazific. About the characters: The story is told in the first person and the main characters are: ARNOLD DELGRANGE, who tells the story CAMILLA, a good-looking, friendly, self-confident biologist WALTER TIRRIE, an architect and journalist LORD FOXFIELD, an individualist who wish to be remember for leading, important social change and who has a lot of money to carry out the project. About the story: Lord Foxfield wants to build a free politically independent society in which people were able to create a new way of living. To make this dream come true he needs a lot of voluntary members for his project. After a time he has about 200 people and they sail for the new land. It´s an island called TANAKUATUA which Lord Foxfield has bought for the project. Before they arrive Camilla found out that the island is cursed. But nobody believes in her. So they settle down on the west-side of the island. But soon one after the other dies in a horrible way. Then after exploring the island, they found a web which was built all over the ...

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