Galliano, John - ein britischer Modedesigner (Summary: The Plumbers son)

John Galliano, The Plumbers son, Summary, Biographie, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Galliano, John - ein britischer Modedesigner (Summary: The Plumbers son)
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English G 2000 B5 Unit 1

Summary: The Plumber’s son

John Galliano was born in Gibraltar. His childhood there was full of color and adventure. He liked to dress up and imagined that he was somewhere else. His family moved from Gibraltar to Streatham when he was 6 years old because his father wanted to work in England as a plumber. The life in England was very different from the life in Gibraltar.

Galliano had to go to school and had to learn English, but because he was a foreigner he had a very hard time. The other pupils found him strange and bullied him because he was small and he drew pictures of costumes in his exercise books. Galliano left school at the age of sixteen and in 1981 he found a place at St. Martins College of Art in London. At the same time he also worked part-time at the National Theatre as a dresser because he needed money.

Only three years later (July 1984) he presented his degree show which was a great success and he left the College with a first-class degree. At this time, his first models were sold in the shops in London. In 1985, Galliano became 'British Designer of the Year" and he moved from London to Paris. There he started his own label, but with little success. In 1996, Galliano was choosen as the top designer for the famous fashion house Dior and was on the road to fame and he became very popular. Galliano still lives in Paris, but visits London before every new show.

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