Global Warming

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Definition: global warming is the rise of the average temperature on the earth
                        and in the oceans.
General facts:   
Ø      The term ‘global warming’ was formed in the 1980s and 1990s
Ø      It describes the climate change caused by humans
Ø      In the 20th century the average temperature rose 0.6 ± 0.2 °C
Ø      In the last couple of years global warming turned out to be a big issue caused by the world's industrialisation
à    for example human activities like rising infrastructure and growing population
à    cause water and air pollution
à    this leads to global warming
Natural warming:
Ø      global warming is not only caused by human activities
Ø      also caused by natural processes (so called ‘natural greenhouse effect’)
à    for example water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide
Ø      without any natural warming the earth's temperature would be -18°C and most species would not be able to survive
The greenhouse effect:
Ø      Besides natural processes the hole in the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect cause the dangerous temperature rise
Ø      Usually when the sun hits the earth, sunbeams are reflected and sent back into the atmosphere. But since there are too many so called "greenhouse gases" (mainly CO2) in the earth's closer atmosphere, the sunbeams are reflected again back to the earth. Because of this effect the earth gets twice the heat.. Supporting that the hole in the ozone layer lets infrared radiation through to the earth´s surface. Without the hole, the ozone layer would reflect those rays and they would not enter the earth's closer atmosphere at all.
Main greenhouse gases:
Ø      carbon dioxide ®caused by burning of fossil fuels
               there is a lack of trees®can’t absorb all of the CO2)
Ø      methane (CH4) ®produced during production of natural gases
Ø      nitrous oxide (N2O) ®caused by agricultural activities
Ø      fluorinated gases ®have a high global warming potential

                                          (powerful greenhouse gases)