Jimi Hendrix, his first album

Are You Experienced, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Jimi Hendrix, his first album
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Jimi Hendrix, his first album Are You Experienced As the greatest, most influential debut album ever released, Are You Experienced is that sort of music equivalent to the BigBang that scientists believed originated the universe. In both cases, many generations later, the world is still trying to absorb, organize and make sense of what that initiating event spewed forth. No other rock artist has, from the outset, violated so many rules with completely fulfilling so many espectations. The proof is that thirty years after it first hit the turntables, Are you Experienced still sounds not only fresh but startling. Are You Experienced was important as album, however, for more reasons than just Jimi Hendrix´s guitar playing. Like any great work, it succeded on several levels, most notably, by featuring great compositions, played by a great band, and by using the past as a palette from which to create its seeming future. The album´s moods are multiple: brooding, joyful, humorous and serious. Its musical modes include flat-out rock´n´roll, pure blues, psychodelic extravaganzas, and within its own rules, elements of jazz and modernist music too. It is a marvel of recording, with layers of sound nevertheless resolving into songs that could, for the most part, be played live on stage. The singing ist great rock´n´roll, not a sweet voice, but one that learned the lessons that Bob Dylan and the blues have to teach. And it is driven by a vision of freedom and danger, the equal of any ...

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