Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Golding, William: Lord of the Flies
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Lord of the flies A plane, carrying a group of young boys of between six and twelve years old, is shot down in a war and crashes on an unhabited tropical island somwhere in the Pacific Ozean. Ralph , a strong boy, the son of a Naval Officer, is at first delighted in the freedom of the island and the fact, that there are no grown ups. Then he meets Piggy ,a short , fat, asthmatic boy, who is nearly blind without his glasses. Piggy is more realistic and intelligent, and tells Ralph, that they must try to find the other boys and organize something. They start to explore the island, and to search for the other boys. They find a conch shell and blow it. It makes a deeb, loud sound, and one after one the boys appear. At last a group in choirboysuniform marches up, with a leader named Jack. Then all choose Ralph as their leader even though Jack would be choosen. Jack and his choir are to be hunters. Then Ralph says, that they also must make a fire on the mountain, by using Piggys glasses, so that their is a signal, if a ship passed the island. Jack also has to look for the fire. At the and of their first meeting the also decide to build some huts. First their is civilisation, if blows the couch shell, they all have a meeting, they look for the fire build huts and eat the pigs, which Jack and his company killed. But after a wile no one is intrested in keeping the fire on, or building huts. They all do whatever they like to do, and noone looks for the fire. At this Day, a ship ...

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