Rhue, Morton: The Wave

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The Wave (by Morton Rhue) Laurie Saunders is sitting at her desk to write for The Gordon Grapevine. All the others are outside because it is a lovely day. They don t stop talking to their friends although they all know that they have to finish their next issue. The bell rings soon, so Laurie stands up and leaves the room to meet Amy in Mr Gabondi s French class. When the break is over, both go into the classroom of Mr Ross. He tries to thread a film through the complex, because the class is going to see a film about the Second World War. It is about the Germans and their active pressure on the fens. All the pupils are shocked because of the film. Lots of questions are asked and Ben Ross tries to give useful answers. He tells them about World War Two. They all are very interested and want to know more about the war. But then the bell rings and all pupils go out of the class except Laurie. She tells her boyfriend David Collins to leave without her. She talks to Mr Ross and she wants to know why the people didn t do anything against the Nazis. But he doesn t know the answer to this question. David has already finished when Laurie arrives at the canteen. David can t understand why she has been bothered by the movie because all they saw was only history. After lunch Laurie and Amy go into The Grapevine s office. Laurie is smoking when someone knocks at the door. Carl Block and Alex Cooper, two guys from The Grapevine come in. They look what s going on in here. In the afternoon ...

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