Family life in the 18th century

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Family Life in the 18th Century Introduction: In the 18th century families began to express affection more openly, children were no longer seen as small adults, but as people with special needs. It was also demanded to show more gentleness in the handling with children. Rich families: Girls were forced to have slim bodies, so they only got little food to avoid an unfashionably healthy appereance, they also had to have tight waists and a pale face.With all that, they had better chances of a good marriage. Marriages were arranged by the parents, often their sons and daughters had to marry against their wishes. But also love and companionship were slowly becoming accepted reasons for a marriage. If there were loving feelings, they were less openly stated, maybe because they weren´t expected. Their new affection might be caused on their expectations on longer lives, which resulted from improved diets and also from the greater cleanliness of cotton as underwear. For the first time in their life, people remarked that cruelty was wrong. It didn´t prevent bad factory conditions, but it helped to end slavery. They began to see every human as an individual. Middle-Class Families: This growing individualism showed itself in a desire for privacy. In the 17th Century, middle class families were served by servants, who were always with them. Later on, in the 18th Century, they preferred to serve themselves, so they had no servants any more. They rebuilt the insides of their homes, p.e. ...

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