Maurier, Daphne du: Rebecca

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Maurier, Daphne du: Rebecca
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REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier Characters: Maxim de Winter: He is a very rich man. Mrs. de Winter: She is Maxim second´s wife. Mrs. Danvers: She is the housekeeper of Max. Captain: A Captain of a boat. Summary: Mr. and Mrs. de Winter are married. They live at Manderly. Manderly is a big old house. You must know Mrs. de Winter is Maxim´s second wife. Rebecca, his first wife, drowned in the sea near Manderly. Their housekeeper Mrs. Danvers hates the new Mrs. de Winter. One day a captain comes to Manderly. He has bad news for Max. They sent a diver down to a ship, he saw a little sailing boat on the ground, which belongs to Maxim. In the cabin he found a dead body. Then the captain leaves the house and Mrs. de Winter wants Max to tell her the truth. He tells her, that he killed Rebecca, because she had a lot of love affairs. And then he carried Rebecca´s body to the boat and laid her on the floor of the cabin. Then Max has made some holes into the wooden planks and so the boat sank. One day Mrs. Danvers finds the diary of Rebecca. There is a telephonenumber of a doctor. They drive to the doctor and he tells them that Rebecca has been very ill and an operation would have been useless. They leave the doctor and know that Rebecca wanted Max to kill her. New Vocab: drown: ertrinken housekeeper: Haushälterin ugly things: häßliche Dinge carry: tragen wooden planks: holzener Schiffsboden metal spike: Metall Stift diary: Tagebuch useless: zwecklos dinghy: Schlauchboot ...

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