Palahniuk, Chuck: Figth Club - the novel

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Fight Club the novel (Chuck Palahniuk) Chuck Palahniuk Chuck Palahniuk was born on the 21.February 1961 in Portland. He wrotes five novels. His first published novel was Fight Club . This book was also a motion picture with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The director was David Fynch. The second novel was Survivor , Chucks excellent follow-up. Soon to be a motion picture. Invisible Monsters , was his third book. His fourth novel was Choke . Lullaby is Chuck s latest novel it s his firsthorrorstory. PlotJack is the central figure of this novel. He is an insurance agent. Jack has no social contacts and he has insomnia. He went to a doctor, but he said that he should chew valerian root and get more exercise and the doctor also said then when he would see poor people, he should go to a support group for men with testicular cancer. Jack went to the support group. Sice Jack didnt say anything, people assumed the worst. They cried harder. He cried harder. After the support group meeting he felt free and Jack could sleep again. He got addicted of the support groups. He went every day to another support group. One day he met Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden was a freak. He was crazy, but Tyler was also funny and smart. He worked some nights as a projectionist in a cinema and he sold handmade soap. Jack met him at a beach. One day Jacks apartment exploded. He called Tyler and asked him if he could life in his house. Tyler said yes, but he also said that Jack has to hit Tyler as hard as he ...

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