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Nirvana is one of the biggest legends of Grunge. A new music style began with them. The band Nirvana consists of Kurt Cobain, the bandleader and guitarist, Dave Grohl, the drummer and Krist Novoselic, the bassist. Krist and Kurt created Nirvana in the late 80 s, when Seattle admits more for his continuous rain, than for music. Of Grunge sill nobody had heard, as 1989 their debut album Bleach came out. On that CD, you can hear very aggressive music. On stage they were very aggressive too, they smashed all their instruments. At that time they were not rich and so, they had to repair the instruments themselves after the concerts. Two years later the scene totally had changed. Nevermind was on top, the single Smells Like Teen Spirit achieved the Top Ten and Nirvana saw themselves suddenly in a big fuss, which nobody had been able himself to present. Many albums followed after Nevermind like Inseticid, In Utero, From The Muddy Banks Of The Whiskar and Unplugged In New York, which was a live album. The admiration of that band took curious forms. The American youth imitated Nirvana with the eagerness of religious fanatics. Each word that Kurt sang or wrote was up-sucked. Woollen hats, flannel shirts and torn jeans were the uniform of this new religion. Only: The sensitive Cobain had not been up to his role as Jesus of the Grunge nation. In an interview he sad: I don t want to be a superstar . The sudden fame, the millions, the admiration of the fans were too much for him. But he ...

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