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ROM What I would like to do today is to talk about Rom. Now I´d like to move on to the crices I face today. First I´ll give you some general information. In the second part you´ll hear something about the history of Rom. And finally I´ll talk about the sights and interesting places of the city. Before I´m going to start with the first point I ask you to interrupt, if you have any questions. Okay now let´s start. Rom is the capital city of Italy. It´s also called Roma. The city has 3,1 million inhabitents. It´s the political, culturel and spiritual centre of Italy. Furthermore it houses the Vatican, which is the seat of the pope. And it´s the seat of the italien government. Rom is a very attractive city for tourists. Let´s now move on to the history. Rom always had a big importance for the europeen history. It´s built on seven hills. The city was founded in the 6th century a. d. In the following centuries it became an important military and economic power in Italy and later in the whole Mediteranean. The inhabitants increased quickly. And the government built streets, thermal baths, beautiful temples and other marvelous buildings. They also put up an aqueduct-system to bring fresh water to the people. It´s a building like a bridge out of stone with a naturel slope. At the time of the roman emperors Rom was a very modern city. In the 4th century the Roman Reich was divided and it came to a political and culturel fall of the city. In the Middle Ages Rom became important again ...

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